Normally I get very bothered by stray marks and imperfect registration, but with this print, I’m really feeling it instead.


And just like that, the kitchen detail print was finished.

First, I carved out the black plate

which proofed out just fine.

Then I finished the blue plate.

At the top is print 3 of 5.  I did this to learn about registration, and I also figured out some things about color strengths and the matrix process.  And, this was diverting enough that I feel I can go right back and finish the pig pen.

Next up in the series is The Kitchen. This sketch is a detail I’m using to test printing with a second color.

The tape both holds everything in place and acts as the register marks. I’m fairly confident the register will hold enough so as not to appear wrong.

Blue over green for the second color, for complement over contrast.