This is getting to be fun. With planning and luck, I will maintain something like this pace for a few weeks. Here, have a tree.

Should have used a third color (blue) for the sky. I’ll print a few of those somewhen.


I went into the city yesterday, originally to finish up a project from months ago, and sketch the Chinatown Banksy. It’s still there, behind the plexiglass, and I decided I’d come back when the afternoon light shifted its way into that side street. I made my way to Columbus and ended up spending my time in the alley by City Lights Bookstore instead. This detail of the one sketch I made shows the view looking east onto Columbus.

The rain and some mundane concerns really cut into my plein air time, and so slows down our friend’s progress. He’s only a little closer to the hills.

Moving toward the hills:

One of the nice things about this being a work blog and not a portfolio space is that I can still publish unsuccessful drawings; that is, work that doesn’t fit the intended project outlines, but that I like anyway. This detail is supposed to be the point that the wooden man is heading toward, but I got carried away with drawing the trees and so forth on my model hills. Nice style, but not what I wanted to work in.

Finished the Pig Pen print! First, the lino.

The print. This is number 2 of 7.

The tall grass and sleeping pig came out very satisfactorily. I’m less happy with the piglet; she could be better defined.  The tree looks fantastic, the sun just as I’d imagined. The errors in the shadows I hope the eye can forgive. Those scorps at the bottom are just accidents; I’m fully to blame here.

Made progress on the tree and fence; inked the plate some for clarity.

The scorped-out side of the house is imperfect, no question. To be addressed. The tree turned out great. Not quite yet what I’ve been seeing in my mind’s eye, but really in synch with it.

Finally finished printing Blake’s The Tyger. As those with nimble memories may recall, late last Fall I began a cut closely following this poem. Today I finished the plate and printed a healthy number.

It’s a cloudy and chilly day, so I’ll give the prints at least until Monday to dry thoroughly; then I’ll scribe the poem in.

I picked up where I left off on the tree trunk and did well, but I lost something between then and now with the stripes. Rather than keep cutting, I left the legs as they are for now. I do like the way the plant turned out, very much.