This fable’s progress had stalled for a few reasons, the most mundane being a lack of large sized sheets. That was remedied, and now we have the pencil draft, finally. When printed, this will be a proper broadside.


Title detail. As you can see from the sketches in my previous post, I had been playing with the idea of including a third cut, a tall, narrow pastoral scene to tie the two cuts together. It’s not included here for time’s sake; and I am rather happy with the drawing as a solution to expressing that idea in any case.



After giving over my worktime to attend to class, I am getting back to the fables gently by drawing conceptual sketches.  This sktech is the one most likely to become a cut:


Last of the conceptual sketches. This would be a strong cut, but illustrations already tell this part of the story:


Addition: Last night, I made a charcoal drawing of the top sketch. It just won’t work as a cut, sadly. Not that I’m thrilled with this particular execution, but it’s such an improvement over what I would have produced before class, I want to be a bit of a showoff and post it.


Delays, delays… But the tortoise is finally cut. The original drawing showed a fantastic contemptuous look in the tortoise’s eye as he looked over his shoulder at the sleeping hare. It didn’t carry through to this piece, which makes me think I may recut this.


At least this time I remembered to dampen the sheet before printing.


I am happy with the road texture and shadowing. And some of the shell work, too.

This was going to be The Ant and the Grasshopper, but for some reason, I just was unable to produce a suitable illustration. Maybe later it will come together. Moving on to the next fable on the list, The Hare and the Tortoise. I can’t get Bugs Bunny out of my mind when working on this one, which is just fine by me.

Some pencil sketches


Rabbits always look a little disapproving or angry in real life. The Hare in the fable would probably look a little more raw than the sleeping rabbit I sketched the above from.


Thank you, YouTube and user vempulaaa for the vid of your running tortoise. Yes, the feet are going to be fixed. The Tortoise probably had a similar look of contempt and anger when passing the sleeping Hare.


The English text with the title in Greek characters. The longest text so far, which means the overall sheet will have to be large. That may require a balancing corner design…