Finally finished printing Blake’s The Tyger. As those with nimble memories may recall, late last Fall I began a cut closely following this poem. Today I finished the plate and printed a healthy number.

It’s a cloudy and chilly day, so I’ll give the prints at least until Monday to dry thoroughly; then I’ll scribe the poem in.

I picked up where I left off on the tree trunk and did well, but I lost something between then and now with the stripes. Rather than keep cutting, I left the legs as they are for now. I do like the way the plant turned out, very much.


A quick update: here is the lino with the tree and moon partially done. Don’t be fooled by how awful the moon looks. It’ll look killer once it’s printed.

Initial cuts before inking

Cut more, inked for clarity, and compared to the initial drawing:

Were the good folks at Convivio Bookworks not in the habit of acting as red-letter day advisors, the birthday of William Blake would have passed me by. To honor the 28th of November*, a broadside of The Tyger will be printed in 28 copies.

The draft drawing, with proof and crop marks:

Drawing detail of moon in branches:

And that detail as seen after transfer to the lino:

The entire uncut lino:

Tomorrow, cut and print.

* Blake was born November 28, 1757 in London; the Songs of Experience were written in 1794-95. The text and art here represented are inspired by plate 42 in Copy A held by the British Museum.