One idea I wanted to explore was inscribing the text onto plates which would be mounted on the paper where I’d placed the illustrations. This is the thumbnail test plate, before baking, with a club I fashioned from the polymer clay scraps.

plate and club before

The plate after baking and staining. This is a good idea, but I’m not sure polymer clay is the correct media. I’m going to try out terra cotta next; I have higher hopes for that.

plate after unmounted

Mounted.The inked lino plate underneath the clay plate is something I cut to print backgrounds: I really like the effect here and am thinking how to incorporate it into the final work. Also, illustrations of the story will surround the center text in the final work.

plate after mounted

Detail of above plates

plate after mounted detail

The club, stained. I like it!

club after

And a small part of the bigger picture: the desk in its usual state.



Here is the pencil draft of the text. I admit liking those feet in the upper left a lot.


I am going right back to the bench to assemble the final art and cut the lino.

(A few hours later…) I mangled some of the cut for stupid reasons. I like certain parts of this work, but I’m going to start over with a fresh piece of lino in the morning.