The rain and some mundane concerns really cut into my plein air time, and so slows down our friend’s progress. He’s only a little closer to the hills.


Moving toward the hills:

One of the nice things about this being a work blog and not a portfolio space is that I can still publish unsuccessful drawings; that is, work that doesn’t fit the intended project outlines, but that I like anyway. This detail is supposed to be the point that the wooden man is heading toward, but I got carried away with drawing the trees and so forth on my model hills. Nice style, but not what I wanted to work in.

I over-thought the table problem; once I started to measure the area I thought I’d have to cut from the plate, I realized the missing leg wasn’t that much of a problem at all. Cleared off the table, cleaned up some shadows, and made two fat, wet prints.

Here’s the plate:

Here’s the first print:

And a detail from the second print:

Next project will be for Papergirl SF. Distribution will be in October, so I’m thinking Theme Hallowe’en. I’ve got an idea I like that I’ll pull out of hiding and clean up. More to come.

And more mistakes. This is the first proof: the tabletop needs to be cut, the jar needs to be fixed, the hard shadow on the cabinet doors should be softened, the missing table leg needs to be addressed somehow. All that aside, I really love how this is turning out. The print itself looks just like a print should, with just enough kiss (OK, not at the upper left, but nevermind that, please).

The plate:

The proof:

More cutting and some inking for guidance. I’m satisfied with the expressive detail on the rearward figure. The jar on the other hand, not so much. The table lines are way skewed, but I think I can work with what I’ve cut.

And back yet again to this series. I’ve transferred and added to this sketch of the farmhouse kitchen; now begins the carving. Sharp-eyed readers will immediately see how I screwed up the sun’s ray on the right.  I can only promise there will be more screwups to come.

A long time ago, I was working on this print series (for Spring, a-ha-ha). I’m back to that for a little bit. This drawing needs some touching up and detail added, but is generally complete.

Green vegetables definitely, blue sky possibly, red wine maybe. I don’t work often with color, but this has given me some ideas to work through.