Not enough time, not enough time. My ambitious plan of printing 16 monoprints fell away under the pressure of work and a house full of sick folks; here are the two I did manage to complete.

The rest…well, I pulled prints from linos that have either never seen distribution or a decent print job.

Now they dry, then I scribe some info on the back and off to the dropoff I go.


This is the largest cut of the series so far; the tortoise will be just about the same size as the hare. Here you see the linoleum itself with the print. The ink transfer is spotty this time due to the (low) quality of paper in the sketchbook.


The intention was to make the hare a little goofy and definitely sleeping, but I think I gave him an ass’ head!


This was going to be The Ant and the Grasshopper, but for some reason, I just was unable to produce a suitable illustration. Maybe later it will come together. Moving on to the next fable on the list, The Hare and the Tortoise. I can’t get Bugs Bunny out of my mind when working on this one, which is just fine by me.

Some pencil sketches


Rabbits always look a little disapproving or angry in real life. The Hare in the fable would probably look a little more raw than the sleeping rabbit I sketched the above from.


Thank you, YouTube and user vempulaaa for the vid of your running tortoise. Yes, the feet are going to be fixed. The Tortoise probably had a similar look of contempt and anger when passing the sleeping Hare.


The English text with the title in Greek characters. The longest text so far, which means the overall sheet will have to be large. That may require a balancing corner design…

These prints are the first I’ve made from unmounted lino. When I bought the stuff last week, I noticed it was slightly warped, but I thought a day or so of pressing would flatten it.  Nope. I cut and pressed it unmounted, and didn’t notice any difference in result. Unfortunately, the paper that provided the best print bled the pen ink! Here you see the pencil draft (made from the second-best print):

Pencil draft, 9.5" x 6.5"

Pencil draft, 9.5" x 6.5"

These are the final prints