Testing the handmade brayer again. My apprentice was underfoot the whole time, constraining my workspace. Without freedom of movement, I couldn’t work the ink as much as I would have liked, resulting in some gloppiness. It’s most visible (or not, if you like) in the sun’s rays, which are just about all filled in. You can still see they’re there though, due to the lay of the ink, so all is not lost.

The paper is a coarse, inexpensive drawing paper for kids. After dampening, it held onto the water for a good long time.

I can’t lie; I’m a sucker for these low-angle shots. Please pardon my indulgence.


And here we see the awesome swoopy line that made such a statement, except that you can’t see it in any but one of the six prints. Grrr.


Finished the Pig Pen print! First, the lino.

The print. This is number 2 of 7.

The tall grass and sleeping pig came out very satisfactorily. I’m less happy with the piglet; she could be better defined.  The tree looks fantastic, the sun just as I’d imagined. The errors in the shadows I hope the eye can forgive. Those scorps at the bottom are just accidents; I’m fully to blame here.