Not enough time, not enough time. My ambitious plan of printing 16 monoprints fell away under the pressure of work and a house full of sick folks; here are the two I did manage to complete.

The rest…well, I pulled prints from linos that have either never seen distribution or a decent print job.

Now they dry, then I scribe some info on the back and off to the dropoff I go.


Went to Colma today and found this gentleman’s marker. His name was William E. Meadows, and he passed February 10, 1896. His marker says that he was a native of England, and he died aged 49.

The plate before pressing. Sorry about the lack of focus; damn cell phone camera.

The actual marker.

My traveling art-making kit. The paper is behind me, soaking in a linen wrap.

With its many flaws, it’s still the best of tonight’s prints. I’m getting closer to the style I’d like.

Just a first idea; testing the technique. This is the main sculpture in the Houdini (actually Weiss) family plot. I’m doing this for an event that is happening first weekend in October, hence the Halloween theme.

I don’t take advantage of my home’s closeness to the shore enough. Drew and printed this this afternoon in the middle of my constitutional bike ride. The cross marks a memorial, though I’m not sure for whom. There have been several deaths this year here in town; it could be any of those.

Detail of surfers:

The roller effect came out pretty poorly, but the figure turned out well. I think my one-handed wooden man may be on the verge of an adventure…

That awful cell phone photo of frame five has got to go.

Alrighty, much better. Animation to come shortly.

And here we are: