A few very kind friends have asked if the most recent holiday prints are available as cards, so I set aside this afternoon for printing. What with one thing and another, I got carried away and printed quite a few extra. So, slap they went into my Etsy shop. Drop by and take a look; there will be more prints to come, like the Santa hat above.  


Not a lot of free time today. All you people are getting is this Festivus pole.

This is getting to be fun. With planning and luck, I will maintain something like this pace for a few weeks. Here, have a tree.

Should have used a third color (blue) for the sky. I’ll print a few of those somewhen.

Well, the phone’s camera isn’t so good for some things, is it? Here are the cards, in a more visually appealing presentation.

Added bonus: I laid down too much black ink, and so figured that I would just go ahead and print the giraffe plate, even though it’s not finished. I’m just glad to have that done and on the finished shelf.


No, I don’t do much two-color work. So here’s a little example of my branching out. I do enjoy that mid-1950’s illustration vibe.


The final holiday of the Fall season, Thanksgiving, is finished here at home, and it is time finally for the Winter holidays. Though that knowledge doesn’t improve the sickly sweet omnipresent Christmas music experience one iota.

The Spirit stores are open and Hallowe’en candy can be had at the local stores, so of course the next logical step is for us printers to begin our holiday card planning. This year I am utilizing Kickstarter to get the word out about my project (which was featured here last year but did not happen for various reasons).

The card is a mailable storybook featuring the Tolstoi short story “Three Questions.” You can get in on the action for as little as a dollar. Check out the details here, and watch the blog for updates on my progress.