Not enough time, not enough time. My ambitious plan of printing 16 monoprints fell away under the pressure of work and a house full of sick folks; here are the two I did manage to complete.

The rest…well, I pulled prints from linos that have either never seen distribution or a decent print job.

Now they dry, then I scribe some info on the back and off to the dropoff I go.


Went to Colma today and found this gentleman’s marker. His name was William E. Meadows, and he passed February 10, 1896. His marker says that he was a native of England, and he died aged 49.

The plate before pressing. Sorry about the lack of focus; damn cell phone camera.

The actual marker.

My traveling art-making kit. The paper is behind me, soaking in a linen wrap.

The gruesome paper doll hung outside for a few hours, and creeped out a kid or two. Success!

full doll 01


Further detail of the guts section of the doll




Detail of the shoulder and elbow joints; overall, the arm is bent, and the hand holds another skull, so the joints were tacketed and jointed appropriately.



Okay guys, it’s time for ram chips and dip. Now the rules of this are you have to say a good thing and a bad thing about the movie and then you get a ram chip!

It was a good thing to have chosen an idea for the holiday that I had been mulling over for some months. It used up a floating idea, which feels like progress, and since I was low on free time this past month, it was a good thing to have had the thinking part done. No need to work through ideas that weren’t going to pan out: all that was done a long time ago.

It was a bad thing that I didn’t have enough time fully explore my intended work, a book with limbs extruding from it, and viscera dripping out. That will be a sculpture, and I just didn’t have time for that much work this month.

All right then; back to the Labors. Tomorrow I’ll purchase terra cotta and start scribing.

Figured and assembled the skull. Not too bad, though next year I’ll make a rounder form for the illustrations to wrap around.

skull 01 front

skull 03 side

skull 02 side

skull 05 in situ

The assembling of the paper doll moves forward – we now have an arm!

full arm 01

I think any mad scientist would use simple wire as a solution for the joints

full arm detail 01

No exceptions, Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday; most fun is the making of a new display (mostly) every year. Today I began working on the table centerpiece. A work of a Frankenstein, it is a body being assembled, in fits and starts, from the illustrations cut out of an anatomy book.



Various viscera will litter the table.


I have a wild notion to continue working on this until I have a fully assembled human form. Or looked at another way, a gruesome, DIY, anatomically correct paper doll.