Finally, the pencil draft is done. The whole piece measures 23 x 7.


(A better camera setup is in the works.)


The Bird and the fable

The Ant and the moral of the fable

The Ant and the moral of the fable

Tomorrow is a class night, so I may not get to working on the final piece until Wednesday. (I am taking a drawing class at the local cc. I’ve never had any formal drawing training, and it’s paying off as I find improvements and places to improve in the work.)


A few delays, a few improvements in my technical processes, and now the ant finally can bite the birdcatcher on the foot.


Originally, he was barefoot. I was not sure how much to remove for the foot overall, so I cut guiding lines at the base and ankle. I inked it, and saw a sandal on the man’s foot. So here he is, shod.


Print 4/5. I took this before pressing the print: the longer dampening process makes the print a little warped.

Now to find more of this paper for dampening. Its texture gives a very suitable tile-like impression, and I hope I have more in the drawers.

This piece seems to be coming together. If I had remembered to dampen the paper, I’d have better ink coverage.


Bird detail


Tomorrow (OK, later today), the ant and the scribing.

Here is the pencil draft of the text. I admit liking those feet in the upper left a lot.


I am going right back to the bench to assemble the final art and cut the lino.

(A few hours later…) I mangled some of the cut for stupid reasons. I like certain parts of this work, but I’m going to start over with a fresh piece of lino in the morning.


These are the final layout sketches for the next fable.  For some reason, I particularly like the way these look, and so wanted to share.

The dove drops a leaf to save the ant

The dove drops a leaf to save the ant

The ant bites the bird catcher's heel

The ant bites the bird catcher's heel