Workbench, unready

Getting ready for the new year. See, a clear space!


The Spirit stores are open and Hallowe’en candy can be had at the local stores, so of course the next logical step is for us printers to begin our holiday card planning. This year I am utilizing Kickstarter to get the word out about my project (which was featured here last year but did not happen for various reasons).

The card is a mailable storybook featuring the Tolstoi short story “Three Questions.” You can get in on the action for as little as a dollar. Check out the details here, and watch the blog for updates on my progress.

This year’s holiday card is an illustrated version of the short story “Three Questions.”

The single-sheet constant fold form is new to me, so there have been a few prototypes and design layouts.

This is also a test run of the form for the big project, which I have not neglected. Much. Next to come are sketches and cuts for the first labor.