Quick and dirty, done between Redwood City and Millbrae. He was seated in the gallery, and I had, mirabile dictu, found a seat with the non-bike civilians.



I hope I have the chance to sketch this gentleman again; I hardly did justice to his magnificent nose.


That jaw firmed right up once the gentleman woke up.

This gentleman sat very still, and I was able to get a good outline of the main features of the sketch. Then I switched pencils and when I looked up, my view was blocked by this guy reading some Stieg Larsson crapola. So I touched up some bits and here we are.

Hipster was swigging from a brown paper bag: I didn’t know if I should hit or hug him. So I drew him instead.

One of the advantages of taking public transit to work is the downtime.

I finished those top two very quickly, inside of two or three stops. The bottom two are both unfinished. I spent more time on the guy with the hat of all four sketches, but he just wouldn’t stay still. The balance of the outline shape works well for me, though. I had enough time with the figure whose back was to me to at least finish her and her immediate surroundings, but as you can see, there is a rough-shaped profile behind her of someone who was there for just one stop.