I didn’t have a lot of time this afternoon, and so this is more sketchy than the others. I am satisfied with the figure itself, but not so much the stonework. I may go back and redraw the piece.

And also: transferring the drawing onto the plate was painless. Cutting this is my next project.


Last Monday I sketched the wall of the Cafe Prague, where the Indian piece is. When I drew this, all the additional graffiti had been painted over.

First sketch, piece detail.

Car’s a little cartoony and the window grille was just always skewed like that. I do like the way the artwork itself and inside the cafe came out.

Today I sketched the tree trunk with bird on Erie.

I had trouble rendering the tags on that roof, due to the angle; they could be fixed to be truer.  The masses of leaves kept moving gracefully in the wind, and were beautiful to look at.

Now that I’ve got some daytime free, I’d like to sketch the Banksys in San Francisco. Here’s today’s work, on Valencia above Amnesia. I see many flaws, which I shall improve upon, but I kind of like it!