Some small finishing cleanup and these books are done!

Given the ribbon placement, I’m thinking these boards were made for a portfolio project. But I still can’t figure what I was thinking when I punched and cut up the spine side. Anyway, the cloth covers up most of those sins now.


Detail, turnover at head of the book. Note the poor adhesion on the left.


Most of the work is done – I drilled the rest of the holes and covered the spine with both mull and cloth.  All’ s left is to trim the skewed top edge of the cloth and turn in the bottom edge.  That third column of holes on the right? Total mistake.

The extra cloth is really noticable  there on the left.

A better look at the cords through the cloth.

Another reason I was hesitant to work on the corded book is that I had to improvise an alternative to a sewing frame. Sewing a book on tapes off-frame I’m used to; cord not so much.

The cord runs below the ruler and signatures. The cord’s stiffness helps them stand somewhat upright; I fixed them to the ruler and gave them a hard 90 degree twist up. If the job were bigger, this likely wouldn’t’ve worked.

Book, boards attached by cord only. My most recent plan was to cover the spine with cloth but the book’s looks and handling with the spine exposed are so pleasing, I’m hesitant to cover that up.

Gratuitous neato shot.