Having realized my old brayer was unsalvageable (don’t be like me, kids. Clean your brayer after each use), and having a deadline to meet, I found a solid wood rolling pin at Daiso, wrapped it in clear packing tape, and ran an inking test.

Somewhat uneven at the edges, but not gloppy in the details of the stone or body. This was a quick, late-night test; with some sleep and better-organized setup, this workaround should do the job sufficiently for the actual print (the giraffe, seen in the lower right, below).


Progress on the giraffe lino; further work on the body and face

Partly inked to give some idea of the final result

In an attempt to order my work somewhat, I signed up for a print exchange that I must mail my package out for in two weeks. It’s working; I’m making steady progress on this piece.

An initial sketch

At the end of tonight’s work

Detail of the lower spots