Testing a few ideas: carrying an illustration throughout a book, how to configure a single-sheet book, optimal hand for poetry, to name a few.

Stab binding was the easiest choice. The number of holes makes the best-looking binding, but I worry that over the long haul the binding may prove weak.

on edit: Having thought on it for some little while, I no longer think that the binding is fundamentally weak or prone to compromise. Informationally, I used artificial sinew (from a caning shop) as the thread.

Spread and detail of final spread. I linked the single line of the” mountain” across spreads and around page turns, even though it breaks as soon as you see the first spread. The effect isn’t as jumpy as I thought it would be, and even turns tidily into itself on occasion, as you see in the upper photo.

A better view of the illustration across the pages.