Today is September 3rd, and at last, the end of my summer project. The goal was 24 fables illustrated and scribed; as of today, five and a half are done: The Fox and The Grapes; The Lion and The Fox; The Dog and the Rabbit; The Dove and The Ant; The Hare and the Tortoise; and the art for The Flies and the Honey Jar. I had tremendous fun, learned a great deal, and ended up with one or two really well-executed pieces.

Okay guys, it’s time for ram chips and dip. Now the rules of this are you have to say a good thing and a bad thing about the movie and then you get a ram chip!

It was a good idea to set the bar high. I’m not really disappointed that I didn’t get to 24, especially when it was class and home life that cut into the time I set aside for this project. Also, it was a good thing to choose subject matter that a lot of people knew about and had a reaction to one way or another.

It was a bad thing that I didn’t create a budget and set aside funds at the start for plates, presstime, et cetera.

OK, the next project is for Roadworks: Steamroller Printing Street Fair, happening September 19th at the San Francisco Center for the Book in Potrero Hill. I have a one-foot square piece of lino to cut as I please. There are a few ideas swirling around in the old tool shed; I don’t want to call a favorite yet, and jinx the whole process from the start.

Excelsior! as we Latin nerds would say.